Friday, September 3, 2010

hairstyle by jennifer brantley

2009 chic long hairstyle from Paris Hilton

long hairstyle

Paris Hilton parts your hair on the side, and then pull her hair to the opposite side and secure in a low chic side ponytail hairstyle with elastic at the nape of your neck. This is a great look for either day or night, and is so easy as well. Everyone who gets this hairstyle will achieve this.

Long hairstyle – Taylor Kitsch


Not too many men can pull off longer hair styles but Taylor Kitsch is one of those who can. This hot star of Friday Night Lights seems to smolder with the longer hairstyle and would not look as good with a short hairstyle.


It must be the strong jawline and face that allows him to look hot with the long hairstyle. A longer hair style like this one seems to look great on models and athletes which means you have to be in shape. Long hairstyle and a pouchy stomache just do not mix.

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