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Boca Raton Concours d’Elegance At Florida

Boca Raton Concours d’Elegance At Florida

Boca Raton Concours d'Elegance At Florida

Are you a man with some amount of money which is considered as ‘too much’, and willing to be the first if we are talking about owning a supercar? I will give you an interesting info. You should buy a plane ticket or maybe prepare your personal jet, then head down to Florida. Why Florida? Because the Boca Raton Concours d’Elegance is running there!

This year is the fifth event of Boca Raton. For your information, it is a high end auto show chich is gaining its momentum in the concours community, and will scoring a line of ‘firsts’ for the auction of its event. In the past years, the Auctiongoers has managed to buy the dirst examples for U.S. of Spyder R8 and R8 5.2 FSI V10 from Audi, Ferraris’s California and 458 Italia, and Mercedes Benz SLS AMG.

Want to know what will be available this year? Let’s say that you will get 2012 Ferrari FF, 2012 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Roadster, and 2012 Auri R8 GT. The DuPont Registry said that every car will be the first unit sold in U.S. If you want something to ride on with your kids or your wife, you can also get 2012 CLS63 Limited Edition from Mercedes-Benz which will only be 30 units. Be the first from those 30!

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Mastretta Gain Advantage From Bad Situation

Mastretta Gain Advantage From Bad Situation

Sports car manufacturer from Mexico, Mastretta, is trying to get the whole things on a bad situation. The company is trying to take advantage of an insulting comments from Top Gear’s presenters about the manufacturer and Mexico. reporting that since the incident, traffic to the Mastretta’s website has been increased significantly, and the orders for Mastretta MXT also has some improvements.


The general manager of the company, Carlos Mastretta, they are now receiving orders from some countries in Europe, Brazil, and Chile. They even receive the orders from United States. These things is thanks to the solely dust up from the Top Gear’s comments. said that the car was relatively unknown even in its home country.


However, Mastretta is a pretty known automaker for public transportation, but only a few that knew that they are also responsible for the MXT before hearing about the confrontation at the BBC and Mexico’s ambassador to UK. Mastretta MXT is powered by 2.0 liter four cylinder Ford Duratec engine which is able to deliver around 250 horsepower. The company claims that the car is able to run from 0-60 mph in only about four seconds for its lightweight design.

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Lexus IS 350C F Sport Limited to 175 Units

Lexus IS 35C F Sport Limited to 175 Units

Lexus has just unveiled their new IS 350C convertible limited edition. The car will be on sale later this month. There is some reports said that this F Sport Special Edition will be limited to only 175 units, while the price will be starting from $ 55,120 exclude the delivery and other processing fees.

To make it different with the standard IS 350 C, this F Sport Special Edition will be getting some visual tweaks. The wheel will get 19 inch forged alloy which is finished by a dark graphite. There will be only two exterior colors available for the car: Starfire Pearl like in the picture above, or Obsidian. The other differeng thing from this F Sport is the Bilstein shocks and the lower springs that caused the car to be one inch closer to the ground. There is also a unique sway bar set.

For the interior, you will see a black and red leather surfaces, including standard heated and cooled seats. The Special Edition package will also include a Navigation system with some features like a rearview camera, Lexus Enform, and a full set of infotainment features from XM.

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De Tomaso SLC Concept Similar to BMW 5GT

De Tomaso SLC Concept Similar to BMW 5GT Fighter

What can I say? It is pretty difficult to not comparing the latest version of De Tomaso SLC concepts with BMW’s 5 Series family hauler which is awkwardly proportioned. Both of the vehicles have managed to conquer the crossover and sedan markets in someway that some other vehicles have.

Previously, we have already seen some photos of the De Tomaso SLC Concept which is going to be released. Now to complete it, there is a video of the vehicles to allow you to see more on the car. The quick view will gives you some better look at what will the vehicle bring to the market when it gets its official release at Geneva Motor Show, and finally make their way to the dealership. You can see the video from YouTube here.

Actually when Fiat marketing executive Gian Mario Rossignolo said that he will revive the De Tomaso with this SLC concept at Geneva, we are pretty curious on what will the famous Italian design could come with. Unfortunately the video that I mentioned before will thwart that hope. The video is about the filming of a special presentation in Rome, and if you see it carefully, this SLC crossover looks pretty similar with BMW’s 5 Series GT.

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Chrysler Fix Grand Cherokee’s Handling

Chrysler Fix Grand Cherokee's Handling

Consumer Rpoerts was reporting that Chrysler has doing something on their handling issue on the 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee that the publication was discovered when it is on independent testing. During the emergency maneuver of double lane changing, the testers from Consumer Reports said that there is some amount of skidding and hopping at the limit of the traction.

The engineers from Chrysler then rushing to the magazine’s test track and review that findings before they are going to the Aubum Hills and discussed about the solutions with their teams. The automaker said that they will release a software update for the vehicle’s stability control in December, and all models of Grand Cherokee which were manufactured until that time have to come back to the factory to fix it.

Recently, Consumer Reports was able to put the update version of 2011 Grand Cherokee with its paces on the track once again, and they found that the issue had been corrected. This Grand Cherokee is managed to maintain its average speed at 50 mph on the track and having itself beyond the limits of the traction from the vehicle. This fix was improved the vehicle’s rating on Consumer Reports from 66 to 71 for Grand Cherokee.

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